Elfarm force sensing steering handle

Elfarm has designed a control system for electric driven carts and other transportation needs. It has the form of a steering handle that by using force sensors feels in what direction the driver wants to move the controlled object.

It consists of a sensor block with force sensors embedded which are mechanically connected to a handle. For activation of the drive function the force transducers are supplemented with a so called dead-man’s switch, DMS. The yellow bar  has to be squeezed toward the handle when activated.

The big advantage with this type of control handle is that it detects the direction and speed the driver wishes. It  becomes intuitive. To drive an electric cart with a heavy load feels like an empty cart in the shopping center.

Mail distribution cart with intuitive drive for outdoor use

Designed and tested in Scandinavia to cope with snow, ice and freezing conditions.

- improved ergonomics for helthier, happier postmen

- automatic brakes for reduced risk for accidents

- lockable storage compartment to aid theft prevention

- improved load capacity


Electric transport chair

In the range between an expensive electric and a less expensive hand-powered wheelchair, you will find our electric transport chair with the Elfarm force-sensing steering handle.

This makes it easier to move your dear relatives or someone you have patient responsibility for, in a wheelchair on grass, gravel or in deep snow.